Mother’s Day Gospel Event

Written and Photographed by Marika N. Johnson (

Saturday evening a sold out crowd at Birmingham’s Boutwell Auditorium gathered for an unforgettable pre-Mother’s Day event. Excitement filled the air as people from all ages came together to experience a night of gospel greats such as LeAndria Johnson, Pastor Mike Jr, Marvin Sapp and Shirley Caesar with host Jonathon Slocumb. These artists have touched the hearts of many with their beautiful voices and powerful messages filled with faith and hope. 

The 4000 plus attendees at Boutwell were a testament to the anticipation and transformative experience surrounding the event. The unity, energy, and collective enthusiasm of the audience created an extraordinary atmosphere that enhanced the performances and left a lasting impact on everyone present. It was a night that will be remembered for ages as a shared experience of joy, connection, and the power of coming together. The engaging stage presence and heartfelt messages by all of the artists created an atmosphere of worship and celebration. Through the power of gospel music we are left with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

A few images from the show are below.

The show opened with LeAndria Johnson and second on stage Birmingham’s own, Pastor Mike, Jr. The Stellar Award winning gospel artist performed all of the crowd favorites including, “Impossible” and “Big”.

James Fortune joins PMJ on stage for “Impossible”

Marvin Sapp was the third act to grace the stage and was greeted with a roar of appreciation.

“…He saw the best in me
When everyone else around me
Could only see the worst in me…”

Gospel singer, the great Shirley Caesar, ends the evening’s festivities.

Hosted by Jonathon Slocumb

Host/Comedian Jonathon Slocumb